Traditional German Christmas Bread

We use candied lemon and orange peels, which we soak with raisins and almonds in high quality rum. Once Soaked overnight, we mix our delicious buttery dough adding the fruit mix in along with a generous helping of marzipan. When the loaves are shaped and baked, we dip them in clarified butter (Ghee) and roll them in our house made vanilla sugar and coat them in powdered sugar. The clarified butter and Sugar act as a natural preservative, allowing the stollen to be shelf stable for far longer than your usual sweet bread. Best if left to sit for at least 2 weeks from the date of baking to allow the juices from the fruit to soak into the bread.

We make a limited number of loaves each year, so order early! Your last day to order stollen is December 16th for 2022 loaves.

Ingredients: Flour, raisins, butter, almonds, candied lemon peel, milk, candied orange peel, rum, almond paste, sugar, salt, yeast, lemon zest, vanilla extract, ground cloves, ground ginger, ground allspice, ground cinnamon